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The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989

Whistleblower laws protect individuals who report wrongful conduct from retaliation by the wrongdoer, often an employer.  Other blog articles cover whistleblower laws in general, including The False Claims Act, the predecessor of whistleblower provisions. This article...

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Bertha’s Law to Zen Blog

Finding the Root Cause

Immediately upon returning from our family’s epic road trip, I went to a rheumatologist to discuss the symptoms I’d experienced before our adventure. Why a rheumatologist?  It was the only doctor I hadn’t seen.  Over the past decade, I’ve talked to neurologists,...

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Finding the Rhythm of the Road

Last year, Carlos and I spent six weeks traveling through Europe and Africa. We brought along our four kids — and our full-time jobs — to combine a family vacation with a working holiday.  We had such a great time, we couldn’t wait to do it again this year....

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