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Employing Minors (Child Labor)

In the United States, young workers are regularly employed in grocery stores, in restaurants, as lifeguards, or in amusement parks. They are also employed in less visible occupations, like in farms, in the wood processing industry, roofing, and sometimes even driving automobiles and trucks, among other jobs. However, child labor is highly regulated. Subject to […]

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Work Breaks

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the federal law establishing and regulating labor standards, does not require covered employers to give meals or rest breaks to covered employees. [1] Florida law does not impose a requirement, either. However, many employers voluntarily provide breaks to employees as a matter of policy or contract,[2] recognizing the need […]

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Minimum Wage

Subject to some exceptions, under the Florida Minimum Wage Act, employers must pay employees the hourly state minimum wage amount for all “hours worked”[1] in Florida. For all other minimum wage provisions, Florida follows the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA minimum wage rules apply only to covered employers[2] and covered employees who are […]

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